It feels like experiencing the mirror stage, it’s like the first time seeing yourself in the mirror, looking at your reflection on the mirror, like a kid, who is discovering himself by looking at the pieces of his fragmented body. You may learn to accept the gap between or enjoy the view.


2′ 7″ loop video 

In the beginning, the project focused on the self-liberation and based on the conflict of freedom and loneliness. There was an effort to make a choice between the self’s desires and blending into society. But the choice cannot be made if the definitions of the words are not the only answers. There are answers more than words: experiences, feelings, beings… We can not chase for the definitions and try to put them into practice. Freedom will be found if we truly behave as we are. So, expressing myself is the freedom, itself, to me.

In the project, three medium, which are photography, sound and the human body, are used together to form the narration and they are transferred via video.

The instant camera images, which represent the memories and experiences, are projected on the box’s surface to make outside observable to the viewer.

The human body, representing id with the primitive behaviours, performs in the box and the box, which was stated as the performance stage, represents the boundaries of the society. The performer opens a hole on the box’s surface and seeks for an answer to “freedom”. The hole is in a form of the vagina to refer to the society’s common perception of women and it represents the uterus.

The sound includes the loops of “Hiçbir şey olmadı” (Nothing happened): the sentence, which was experienced by me and which triggered the pursuit of freedom.



MECA Mediterraneo Centro Artistico (Almeria, Spain / 2013)
Palazzo Barone Ferrara (Bari, Italy / 2013)

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